WoYwW? EVERYTHING! hehe at the moment, I’m waiting to take delivery of my brand new shiny work desk. Very exciting! From being huddled up in a corner on a small desk that I could never keep tidy cos of the lack of space, I will shortly, after a hopefully stress free assembly process, have 1.5m of spacious goodness with a drawer big enough to stand my 12 x 12s in and 6 other shelves. Plenty of space!

I doubt I’ll get any crafting done this morning, unless the delivery man comes really really really early but hopefully, I’ll get to road test my new work space later on. This post will be a bit like changing rooms with the before and after shots. So today, I will be snooping around everyone else’s crafty exploits and cringing in embarrassment that I’m actually displaying my mess to the blogging world… hehe

p.s. I literally mean I have nearly everything on my desk at the moment, except the stuff I have in my stackable storage, I cleared out the drawers and piled everything on the work surface – it’s not usually this messy! 🙂

p.p.s As a blatant attempt to detract from my horror desk, here’s my puppy, Meadow aka Meadow-Beddow as she will make a bed out of anything – this time, my usually favourite chair. I’ve been relegated to the sofa.

Update: Here’s the desk! Took me 3 hours to put it together so I ran out of steam to properly organise it! May come back to it later after a looooong muscle relaxing soak! 🙂 I have big plans for the CD rack down the side but you’ll have to come back next week for that! (hark at me leaving cliff hangers, I should write story lines for Corrie! hehe)

28 responses to “WoYwW

  1. Ah, so cute! Hope your desk arrives soon.

  2. AWWWW, cuteness! Distracted me indeedily, she is GORGEOUS! Hope your delivery arrives soon so you can get organising :O))

  3. Hello Meadow. I think your look really cuddly. Hope your Mum's new desk arives really soon.A x

  4. Hi Lisalook forward to seeing your new desk next week, gorgeous puppy, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  5. How exciting it is to be getting a rand new desk… you do realise that you have to create a masterpiece on it PDQ after it is installed! Show and tell next week! Meadow is scrummy!joZarty x

  6. How exciting a lovely new desk….looking forward to seeing it soon x

  7. oh hope your desk comes soon,and your dog oh how adorable,hugs cheryl xxx

  8. Oh how exciting, a brand new desk, bet your lingering by the window jumping up to see any noise from outside hoping its your desk.. thats how i was lolIn answer to your comment about my pink iron.. it's just a mini travel iron that i picked up in tkmaxx for about £6-7 quid.. i couldn't resist it coz it was pink lol

  9. Hope you get your new desk soon! That one looks like its gonna buckle under the weight ROFL.*hugs* Heather x

  10. You lucky girl a new desk, I've an old one but honestly I keep thinking I should rid but it's so old I will have withdrawal symptoms if I do. Your new little puppy is gorgeous. Big Hugs Jo.xxx

  11. Glad you will be getting a new desk! It will make things all better. Love your little guy on the sofa too! SWEET!

  12. she looks proper comfy, your have to get used to the sofa now, it looks like lolcant wait to see your new desk, but be warned more desk space means more stash buying !!hugsjudie xx

  13. I don't think it's that messey ;)Thanks for the peek!

  14. Hi Lisafab new desk! I love new desks lol, your puppy is super cuteJoey.x

  15. hope your delivery comes soon. Thank you for visiting my blog on WOYWW, Happy WOYWW – I have only shown you some stamps I own out of one draw! i have more!!!!!!!1

  16. Your desk looks lovely, and your puppy is soooooo cute! By the way, don't ever believe that any desk will be 'big enough'….it will never happen!

  17. thanks for sharing your new crafty desk today lisa and I adore your cute little pup…hugs kath xxx

  18. Looks like I am late enough to see the new desk. So cute. Can't wait to see everything when all put together. Meadow you are a sweetie, my pup and cat are nestled for a nap right now. They wait to play with each other at 9 p.m.

  19. great workspace thanks for the peekhugs

  20. What a cute cute furry baby…totally distracted me! Your new desk is wonderful…Have fun creating! 🙂 Nan

  21. Cool desk – and super cute puppy!

  22. Oh those eyes – if only dogs could talk!

  23. Fantastic shiny new desk! and love your puppy dog! hope your bath soothes your aches!hugsMichellexx

  24. Guess I was lucky to be late, because I was able to see the new desk and all assembled, too. Bet I know what that rack is for. Stamps? I'll wait to see next week. I love the distraction photo, too.

  25. Oh cute! I would use the cd rack for all my digital stamps papers and other digi things.. LOL I have way to many stamps to use it for that… LOL Oh and yea i agree your desk will soon be to small! LOL.. I have 2 6 ft desk and lots of drawers and a 6 ft shelf and still would like more room ! LOL always something new and cute to buy craft wise. =D

  26. hhhahha where are the left over bits? I'm sure they put extra screws in just so you panic at the end of contstruction thinking it's gonna fall apart…Dx

  27. As i'm late visiting I got to see the before and after, the desk is looking fab!!xx

  28. Great desk and super cute puppy – sorry I'm a bit late 🙂

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