"Arm Chair " Card Instructions

Phew! My posts are like buses today! None for days and then loads come along at once… 🙂

These are the instructions on how to make the arm chair cards I mentioned earlier.

You will need

  • cardstock cut to an even number i.e. 8 x 8 will make a 4 x 4 card, 10 x 10 a 5 x 5 card and 12 x 12 will make a 6 x 6 card. I like small cards so I make mine 8 x 8.
  • Card stock cut to half an inch smaller than your finished card size (so for my 4 x 4 finished card size, I needed a 3.5 x 3.5 inch piece of card)
  • Paper cutter
  • Bone Folder
  • Scoring tool and board (or the groove in your paper cutter)
  • Small circle punch or a hole punch
  • Adhesive
  • Patterned paper and your chosen stamps, embellishments etc for decoration
  • ribbon or ribbon cord
  1. Score your card stock at the centre point through each side, so you end up with a cross shape in the middle which four sections of card
  2. In the top left section, cut away the top half of that section only (coloured yellow)
  3. Cut through the mid point line coloured pink on the diagram
  4. Trim away 1.5 inches from the bottom left section, shown coloured purple on the diagram.
  5. Fold at your score lines. The better, or firmer the folds, the better the card will stand when it’s opened.
  6. Apply double sided tape to two sides of the section numbered 3, fold over to the side numbered 2 and stick down.
This is how your card should look up to this point
7. Using a hole/circle punch, tie some ribbon to the other piece of cardstock you have prepared and tuck it into the pocket between sections 2 and 3 which is where your greeting will go
8. Fold section 1 over section 2 to close the card
9. Tuck section 4 underneath the card and your card is done.
Here is one of my finished cards. Any problems with the instructions, feel free to leave me a comment!


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